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Second Invasion of Afghanistan

After 21 years of CIA-funded support for Islamic Militant cells in Afghanistan, and ongoing relations with the official government of the country in the form of the Taliban, the air strikes that commenced on October 7th, 2001 came without warning. Severing airfields, disabling Kabul’s electricity grid and razing the cities of Kandahar & Jalalabad, the action was unexpected, considering the victims were chummy with the USA up until a month prior to the bombardment.

Incidentally, The first ground forces deployment of US forces were not military, but CIA-led combatants.

The Afghan Taliban government spokesperson, foreign minister Wakil Ahmad Muttawakil had previously made a public statement denouncing the September 11 attacks on New York, and the Afghan ambassador to Pakistan Abdul Salam Zaeef cryptically hinted that Osama Bin Laden, a former Saudi national, was exiled in Pakistan. Despite the lack of association between the Taliban government the New York attacks, US Military Commander-In-Chief George W. Bush insisted that the attacks were an ‘act of war’, and that retribution would be swift & relentless.

What the world was witnessing was a turn-around in relations between the United States of America & The Afghanistan Government, being the Islamic Militant Taliban, over a timeframe of less than a month. In the space of 26 days, the USA’s 21-Year support for Afghani extremists took a turn for the worse.

Lack of evidence often being ignored (ie; Iraq’s mythical and non-evidenced weapons of mass destruction), the United States required a scapegoat for 911, and they needed one fast, before the public and global perception crawled out of their state of shock and began questioning the weakness of a once mighty military nation and world superpower.

The biggest question here is why the USA commenced a war in Afghanistan at all.

Bearing in mind that:

1. The Taliban are not Al-Queda

2. Osama Bin Laden is not part of the Taliban

3. Osama Bin Laden is not an Afghani, but a Saudi Arabian national

4. 15 of the 911 hijackers were Saudi Arabian Nationals. Not a single one of them was an Afghani

talibantexasThe Taliban could not possibly be a threat to US Citizens, being a considerably poor Militant Government (at the time, they were the party holding power), having no organized military to speak of, and no ability to be trained in hijacking a large domestic aircraft. Furthermore, international relations between the USA and the Taliban were very strong. In 1997, Delegates were invited to Sugarland, Texas for a high level business meeting with energy company Unocal to negotiate resource transit tarrifs within Afghanistan.

image: Taliban delegates visiting Texas, USA in 1997 to discuss energy tariffs

The Taliban operated foreign offices in New York right up until the year of the World Trade Centre incident. Completely transparent, known to US Federal Agencies and the United Nations, the Taliban presence in the USA was NEVER questioned prior to 911. There is some suspicion surrounding their eviction only months prior to the WTC attacks, in that Government officials claimed it was a UN-forced eviction, however a spokesperson for the United Nations knew nothing about the request. We can only speculate on the motivations and the timing, of which falls into 911 conspiracy territory, a subject that I largely will avoid in this blog.

So here we have an aggressive invasion executed by a military superpower (the USA) against a poorly armed, tribal government (the Taliban) for not a single valid reason in relation to the WTC 911 attacks. Despite this, the war has been very long, very expensive (to the detriment of the US Economy) and utterly pointless.

The Taliban are actually growing in number as the war progresses. The death toll of Afghani civilians is closing in at the 20,000 count. POW’s have been treated to torture and human rights abuses, even homicide at the hands of US soldiers, and in violation of the tortureGeneva Convention terms of War. We are beginning to hear stories of private mercenaries contracted by the United States that are murdering and terrorizing local Afghani citizens. A covert US Government agency known as the Joint Special Operations Command, or JSOC, have been accused of terrorizing locals. Several books have been released outlining the dirty tactics used by US interrogators at Abu Graib, Bagram & Guantanamo detention facilities.

image: Afghani suspect terrorized with sensory deprivation, physical torture and electrocution

The Taliban don’t possess any modern, technological warfare devices, and they are still using US-Supplied surface-to-air missiles from 30 years ago as their most powerful defense. Osama Bin Laden wasn’t in Afghanistan after all, but in Pakistan. Yet the 12 year War in Afghanistan continues, despite questionable beginnings as to the reasons, and with even more questionable motivations behind the continued occupation.

The most likely motivation will be discussed in next weeks blog, and it has nothing to do with global terrorism, but corporate greed.


The Taliban – An Overview

The Tuesday morning of September 11th, 2001 triggered a new wave of global xenophobia. Not surprisingly, the mainstream media launched the juggernaut of misinformation and deception within moments, and in conjunction with the US Federal Government, are continuing to mislead a gullible public audience, still unwilling to accept that ‘News’ is no longer a trustworthy source of information.

It took merely four weeks following 9/11 for US & NATO military forces to begin the invasion of Afghanistan. With public fervor on home soil reaching manic proportions, the US government required a scapegoat, and to exercise a sense of vengeance for the world stage.

Suddenly, the world was talking about the Taliban. Otherwise ignorant and unworldly media slaves became self-proclaimed experts on international affairs, and the Taliban were bad guys of the highest order. Let’s examine some of the ridiculous mistruths and prejudice that enveloped the social mindset, before illustrating the Taliban’s history in detail:

The Taliban are ARABS: This is simply incorrect. The Taliban, and by extension native Afghani citizens, have lineage that may be traced back to the Persian Empire. There are also lineage traits to this day of Chinese & Mongolian ethnicity, a result of Genghis Khan’s armies settling in the northHazaraern region of both Afghanistan & Pakistan. The Afghan National Anthem mentions 14 ethnic groups, with Arab merely being one of them. Furthermore, the Arabic language is rarely used in Afghanistan, outside of a theological context, and the country is not one of the Arab States.

Image: A young family from Afghanistan, clearly showing genetic traits of Mongol ethnic origin.

The Taliban are MIDDLE EASTERN: While it’s a convenient tag, it’s not true. Afghanistan is inclusive of the continent of Asia, and the border definition of ‘the Middle East’ commences in the neighboring country of Iran. However, for geographically strategic purposes, the US Government often talk about the entire Persian Gulf region and surrounding areas as such. This blog will touch on these references in the posts to follow.

The Taliban are TERRORISTS: This a a broad brushstroke that became one of the common buzzwords of the past decade, and is open to much debate. What is certain, is that the Taliban are most certainly not international terrorists. There simply isn’t the financial viability nor the military might for the Taliban to instigate global unrest. They have no Naval operations, nor an Air Force, and rely on good old-fashioned ground combat.

The Taliban are responsible for THE 9/11 ATTACKS: One of my personal favorites, because it exposes those who speak such nonsense as being poorly informed. 15 of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, and another four were citizens of the United Arab Emirates, Syria & Lebanon.

To suggest that the Taliban have the knowledge or the training facilities to execute an attack such as 9/11 would be near sighted, considering the regime has no air force to speak of. During the Taliban’s rise to power in the late 1990’s, all that remained of Afghanistan’s airborne military were a handful of run down, ageing helicopters. Quite simply, it’s impossible to consider the Taliban orchestrating and acting out the 9/11 strikes.


These four key misconceptions are widespread untruths that spoken often, in both the ‘trusted’ media outlets and subsequently through the supple minds of gossiping social pundits who care little for discovering the truth. Another truth if you will.